High Ridge Stables, Trainer Stan Estes, Natural Horsemanship Methodology


Stalls at High Ridge Stables

The High Ridge Stables barn is a fully equipped custom-designed working facility for your horse complete with:

  • 12 foot box stalls with sliding doors 
  • Rollout feeders by Woodstar
  • Enclosed feed room
  • Tack room
  • Office at High Ridge StablesComfortable, friendly office space (where we can sit and talk about your horse's progress!)


Stan working a horse in the bullpenAnother of the assets of High Ridge Stables is the completely indoor training area known as the "bullpen". The bullpen is a safe and spacious arena used to establish the basic skills and behavior for your horses' initial training. The bullpen is over 3,600 square feet of working area that provides excellent footing all year long. The result is few days of training missed due to the weather.








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