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Trainers Stan Estes and Kathy FisherStan Estes grew up on this family farm in rural Forsyth County where he spent much of his youth working with livestock. Over the years he began to show a natural ability to train animals and soon his services were in high demand. As he traveled to neighboring horse farms working his magic, Stan gained an excellent reputation as a horseman blessed with a rare talent that only a select few can claim. His consistent care and ability to connect with the animals brings them along quickly and successfully. Stan's love of horses, his desire to work more closely with the animals and belief in natural horsemanship is what lead Stan to build this wonderful training facility. 

Kathy Fisher's experience has been mostly in the discipline of English riding. She has come to appreciate that basic horsemanship has nothing to do with the particular riding discipline, breed or style in which the horse is used. Good horsemanship is being able to communicate with the horses in a way that helps them better understand. Kathy uses a variety of desensitization methods by introducing the horses to objects, noises and unusual circumstances allowing the horse to overcome it's natural fears and gain confidence. This is especially helpful for nervous and spooky horses to learn to stay calm in scary situations.

Trainer Kathy FisherAn additional note From Kathy...
For four years now since the opening of this facility I have watched and helped Stan transform many horses that were fearful, distrustful of humans and generally unmanageable into horses that are now very light, responsive to ride and most importantly, respectful. We do this without any cruelty or distress to the animal. Stan has a gentle touch that quickly puts horses at ease and he is able to surmount many serious challenges that horse owners face. The lucky horses, in my opinion, are the young ones who are taught the basics patiently through the feeling, understanding and impeccable timing that Stan brings so skillfully to his work. I find it very gratifying to witness horses that are sometimes unmanageable and in distress begin to enjoy their job. There are numerous references from clients who will attest to the extraordinary transformation, settled demeanor and feeling of well being that they see in their horses after spending time at High Ridge Stables.








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