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We are a natural horsemanship training facility conveniently located in Forsyth County 30 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia. We provide foundation training for young horses and we do extensive work with horses that have developed behavior problems. We are non-breed-specific and work with horses of all riding disciplines.   Stan working a horse in the bullpen

By using natural horsemanship methods, we are utilizing techniques that create a cooperative and willing attitude in the horse - as opposed to using fear, force or intimidation. We work with the horse by understanding the horse's natural behavior then teaching in a manner that helps the horse understand what it is being asked to do. We have been successful in working with animals that others have deemed untrainable. 


High Ridge Stables We also go to other locations to transport horses that are "unloadable" or horses that have never been taught to load onto a trailer. We are sometimes the last chance for dangerous and unruly horses that need help.

Please take the time to get acquainted with who we are and what we have to offer. If you have any questions just let us know how we can help.  



Stan Estes, Trainer, Natural Horsemanship * Stan Estes, a lifelong natural horseman, owns and operates the 6000 square foot training barn as well as the boarded turnout pastures.











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